Chosen threats for shipping from sea wind farms


  • Jerzy Herdzik Gdynia Maritime University



safety, wind farm operation, threats for shipping


Paper discussed the problem of wind farm localization at sea will cause to the threats for shipping and fishing. The wind farm located at sea forms an area with the necessary protective zone limits the access into the area for recreational tourism and water sports. Providing new, artificial water barrier and past building outside the shipping or fishing routes the wind farm creates many threats. It was distinguished direct and additional threats, showing that collisions between vessels and wind farm infrastructure are possible. It is conducted scientific research for estimating the risk of accidents on chosen sea areas between vessels and artificial water obstacles. It was discussed the risk of accidents during wind farm operation process on the statistical data received in three European countries. It is possible decreasing the risk of dangerous situations arising between those objects or decreasing the ships? collisions effects and consequences if the farm localization is far from shipping routes and progressively better present vessel technical equipment. Undoubtedly presence of the wind farms at sea worsens the shipping safety, constricts the access to some areas but localization the wind farm at sea is a compromise solution (it makes smaller social resistance) allows for the development of wind farms energy production.


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Herdzik, J. (2018). Chosen threats for shipping from sea wind farms. AUTOBUSY – Technika, Eksploatacja, Systemy Transportowe, 19(10), 52–56.