Long distance test of Setrea S 531 DT


  • Zbigniew Rusak Scientific and Publishing Institute "Spatium" in Radom




double-decker bus, bus tests, Setra


Premiere of the newest Setra double-decker bus was held one and half of the year ago during Busworld Fairs in Kortrijk in 2017. In the meantime Daimler has presented his flagship bus. Besides big interest, the possibilities of evaluation of the construction?s advantages was limited. This time, raising up to necessities, German enterprise held long distance test since 11 March to 16, on 2000 km long Berlin-Tallinn route. Long transit, with different standard of roads and changing weather conditions, allowed to objectively judge all functions of tested vehicle, both on driver and passenger site. What is more, visiting European capitals? centers, driving journalists had chance to assess maneuverability of such a big vehicle, during passing narrow streets of historical parts of cities, achieving hotels for testers located there. Bus was tested with full capacity, to adjust fuel consumption to real results, during casual exploitation. In this article has been presented outcomes of the tests.


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