Organization of tourist bus transport in Cape Town / in Kapsztad


  • Joanna Hawlena University of Life Sciences in Lublin
  • Paulina Osuch University of Life Sciences in Lublin



tourist bus, bus transport, Cape Town, Kapsztad


The most convenient means of transport while visiting Cape Town is getting around the town by tour bus. Tour buses in Cape Town shuttle regularly between major attractions of the town. Tourists can hop on and hop off at any bus stop they like. In May 2010, shortly before the 2010 FIFA World Cup, which took place in South Africa, an integrated electronic platform MyCiTi was implemented. Since then, passengers have gained access to current timetables and routes of buses, and got additional information about transport in Cape Town, which has turned out to be a significant convenience for them. Passengers can choose between four main colour coded tours: red, blue, yellow and purple. They can also transfer to another bus at transport nodes, which enables them to reach all tourist attractions in Cape Town. Moreover, there is possibility of buying day tickets or two-day tickets and taking a cruise which constitutes a great attraction in the offer of Citysightseeing company in Cape Town.


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