Supplying the electric bus with energy


  • Witold Kobos ENIKA Sp. z o.o. in Łódź
  • Piotr Chudzik Lodz University of Technology



electric bus, public transport, charger


The article deals with supplying energy to the electric bus with electrochemical cells. Particular examples of two types of chargers: fast and slow are presented along with their most important operating parameters. It also presents a simplified schematic diagrams that allow you to get to know their principle of operation and pay attention to how the most significant structural problems can be resolved. In addition, article contains description of a photovoltaic system, which provides the circuits of an electric vehicle with energy made from the sunlight. It also includes sample waveforms of energy produced daily from the cells placed on the bus body along with the analysis of the impact that the cells presence has on the energy balance of the whole vehicle.


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Kobos, W., & Chudzik, P. (2017). Supplying the electric bus with energy. AUTOBUSY – Technika, Eksploatacja, Systemy Transportowe, 18(1-2), 48–52.