Third generation of MAN Lion's Coach and the new Neoplan Tourliner


  • Zbigniew Rusak Scientific and Publishing Institute "Spatium" in Radom



tourist bus, bus technology, sustainable development


Undoubtedly a new generation of the tourist bus MAN  Lion's Coach was one of the most important premieres of this year's Busworld Europe fair. The preview show of this vehicle took place in Warsaw and in Starachowice in July this year. In turn the "twin" Neoplan Tourliner had its premiere during the last year's IAA fair in Hanover. It should be underlined, that stylistic and structural changes which have been implemented in both models of buses in past 20 years, just like in the case of their main competitor ? Mercedes-Benz Tourismo, fully reflect trends which occurred on the long-distance transport market not only in countries of Central and Eastern Europe, but in entire Europe. In the present article technical and exploitation solutions in new MAN and Neoplan buses were expressed.


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