Effectiveness and performance of tax system in Slovak Republic in terms of its key non-macroeconomics factors


  • Ján Dobrovič University of Prešov
  • Rastislav Rajnoha Paneuropean University in Bratislava
  • Antonín Korauš Academy of the Police Force in Bratislava




tax reform, tax administration, effectiveness, performance, factor analysis


Research background: The paper addresses the issue of an optimal tax system and puts emphasis on two aspects: justice and efficiency. The issue of taxation has been the subject of numerous debates at the European level for several years. A good tax system should contribute to the state treasury with sufficient revenues, should not be an administrative burden, and must be sufficiently efficient and transparent.

Purpose of the article: The submitted article provides an extensive analysis of the opinions of respondents on the effectiveness of the financial administration of the Slovak Republic. The aim is to analyse the views and attitudes of the respondents on the key factors affecting the effectiveness of financial administration in terms of respondents' age, gender, occupation and place of residence using mathematical-statistical methods.

Methods: In the course of extensive empirical quantitative research (N = 1.500) were used Factor Model Analysis (Factor Analysis) and Analysis of Variance (Anova) were used. The data was obtained through a questionnaire survey, which-was carried out in four districts of Slovakia and focused on a wide range of respondents divided into four age-related categories.

Findings & Value added: In terms of research carried out, it is possible to conclude that there is dissatisfaction with the overall tax and customs system in the Slovak Republic. An analysis of respondents' views on the effectiveness of the tax system has shown that it is possible to identify several key factors that affect it, and they are: collection of levies and availability, competence of tax administration staff, computerisation of tax administration, tax collection efficiency, labour costs, and administrative difficulty of tax administration. in the paper, we also discuss these in more detail. The research results offer relevant and interesting implications for public authorities, policy makers and reformers as well as motives for further investigation of the tax administration issue.


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Dobrovič, J., Rajnoha, R., & Korauš, A. (2018). Effectiveness and performance of tax system in Slovak Republic in terms of its key non-macroeconomics factors. Oeconomia Copernicana, 9(4), 617–634. https://doi.org/10.24136/oc.2018.030




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