Differences in perception of regional pro-entrepreneurial policy: does obtaining support change a prospect?





Research background: In the paper, we presented a most crucial aspect of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in a regional context that seems to be more visible than the general approach. The role of entrepreneurs and support institutions as one of the main actors of a regional entrepreneurship ecosystem was underscored. We also stressed the significance of entrepreneurs? opinions related to Business Support Institutions (BSI) as sources of feedback and potential boosters of delivery and promotion that can be used by regional stakeholders and policymakers.

Purpose of the article: The aim of this paper is to investigate significant differences in a perception of regional pro-entrepreneurial institutions between businesses that obtained or did not obtain support.

Methods: Our study is based on data collected in Lubelskie Voivodeship, hence they refer to a single region in Poland. The sample totalled 386 responses, and we conducted numerical analyses by using the logit linear regression model. As the dependent variable, we used a dual-variable (not supported; supported) that describes two groups of enterprises, i.e. those that do not get and those that got some sort of public support. As independent variables, we adopted 18 factors that depict ordinary scale perception of various aspects of regional pro-entrepreneurial policy.

Findings & Value added: Analyses revealed nine statistically significant relationships between perception of regional BSI impact on enterprises functioning and regional entrepreneurial ecosystem depending on whether particular enterprises got or did not get support, e.g. a favourable experience in obtaining support boosts positive perception that support from BSI influences positively the decision to set up one's own business. BSI at Lubelskie Voivodeship acts in favour to create bonds between enterprises, and support from BSI increases opportunities to survive in the market. Moreover, supported enterprises perceived better aspects, such as positive influence on enterprises? innovativeness thanks to BSI, and more are convinced that support programmes of BSI are available for a broad group of companies.


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Zajkowski, R., & Domańska, A. (2019). Differences in perception of regional pro-entrepreneurial policy: does obtaining support change a prospect?. Oeconomia Copernicana, 10(2), 359–384. https://doi.org/10.24136/oc.2019.018