The awareness of sexting among growing up children and teenagers living in a small town


  • Karolina Ditrych Kazimierz Pulaski University of Technology and Humanities in Radom



sexting, the Internet, teenagers, publish, pictures and videos, intimate, phenomenon


An article entitled 'The Awareness of Sexting among Growing up Children and Teenagers Living in a Small Town' describes not new but constantly evolving issue of sharing intimate pictures or videos on the Internet due to the development of technological devices. Selected terminology, like, self gendered content, child grooming, child sexual abuse material - CSAM or child sexual exploitation material - CSEM, is explained. The following part is devoted to introducing the research conducted on 422 respondents from primary schools and high schools located in a small town near Radom and summarising its results. The final part presents unpleasant, for young people, consequences of irresponsible behaviour on the Internet which may lead to serious psychological disorders in their future life.


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