Revenues, expenses, profitability and investments of potential contenders for the status of a listed company in Poland


  • Joanna Małecka Poznań University of Technology



SMEs, WSE, legal person, revenues and expenses, gross financial result


The purpose of this article is an attempt to determine the scope of Polish companies operating on the market which could raise capital by the means of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Therefore, a preliminary analysis is made of selected results achieved by economic entities in the years 2003-2012, as well as values and trends produced by them, with particular emphasis on the fluctuation of their number, undertaken investments, structure of revenues and expenses and financial performance, against other countries of the European Union. To illustrate the whole potential volume, the study covered all structures operating in the market: micro, small, medium and large enterprises, and their results are shown on the basis of statements arising from the undeniable specificity of the entire SME sector and large companies operating in Poland.


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