Warning on Counterfeit Journal Websites

We ask all the authors to beware of counterfeit journal websites.

When contacting scientific journals you are not familiar with, one should check the journal credentials before submission. The authors should start with checking if the journal prominently displays its publication policy and policy for author fees.

Before the final submission, we invite you to check the profile of the journal at Clarivate Analytics Web of Science Master Journal List, which after registration is available free of charge, where direct link to the original journal website can be found.

You can also check the journal website in Scopus. To check the journal website with Scopus, one can see any article from the journal indexed in Scopus data base, then the following link should be used: view at Publisher, where you are directed to the original journals website. In the case of Oeconomia Copernicana and indexation in Scopus, you are directed to Economic Publishing Platform of Institute of Economic Research and Polish Economic Society, then in the main menu there is a direct link to the website of the journal.

We invite you to read the following information:
Hijacked journals: what they are and how to avoid them, at Blog/Academic at Clarivate
Stop predatory publishing

Counterfeit illegally cloned website:

We inform that the websites:



are illegally cloned website of the journal. We suggest to avoid these websites. Editorial board of the journal Oeconomia Copernicana is not responsible for the content presented at the website.