Mechanical features of the combustion engine electric starting system


  • Józef Pszczółkowski Military University of Technology in Warsaw



combustion engine, engine starting, starting system, electric starter, crankshaft


Engine crankshaft driving by the starter is characterised as a diagnostic process. The article discusses the working conditions of the electric starter when driving the engine crankshaft in terms of the equilibrium of the engine resistance torque and the moment of force generated by starting system. The resistance sources in the internal combustion engine were characterized and factors influencing them were discussed, its components and dependencies allowing for their determination were indicated. The variability of the engine resistance torque in the cycle of its operation as well as the variability of the torque and rotational speed of the crankshaft in the process of propelling the shaft are indicated. The stand and the methodology for testing the engine's internal combustion engine and the influence of the temperature and power of the starting system on registered start signals are presented. The cause and effect relationships of the engine resistance torque and the features ? parameters of the starting system operation were indicated. It was shown that the values of signals recorded during the crankshaft driving have the features of engine diagnostic parameters in the aspect of the combustion chamber tightness and the total resistance of the internal combustion engine.


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