Growth Versus No-growth: The Contractive Evolution of R&D Policies in Spain and Andalusia


  • Magdalena Bielawska University of Malaga
  • Francisco J. Calderon Vazquez University of Malaga



knowledge-based economy, research and development (R&D), innovation policy, growth and development, innovation


The current economic crisis and the building-based economy collapse make the innovation approach and the change to knowledge-based economy fundamental to trace the future growth and development. This paper revises the R&D policy in Spain and Andalusia in the last 10 years with the evolution of the main indicators during the period 2001-2011.


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Bielawska, M., & Calderon Vazquez, F. J. (2013). Growth Versus No-growth: The Contractive Evolution of R&D Policies in Spain and Andalusia. Equilibrium. Quarterly Journal of Economics and Economic Policy, 8(3), 49–61.



Economics of Growth

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