Interpretation of Structural Parameters for Models with Spatial Autoregression


  • Michał Bernard Pietrzak Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun



spatial econometrics, measures of average impact, SAR model, SDM model, spatial autocorrelation


The main purpose of the article is to consider a important issue of spatial econometrics, which is a proper interpretation of structural parameters of econometric models with spatial autoregression. The problem will be considered basing on the example of the spatial SAR model. Another purpose of the article is to make an overview of measures of average spatial impact proposed by the subject literature (see Lesage and Pace 2009). The analysis will include such measures as Average Total Impact to an Observation, Average Total Impact from an Observation, Average Indirect Impact to an Observation, Average Indirect Impact from an Observation and Average Direct Impact. Having considered the above issues, I will introduce a set of three original measures that allow the interpretation of the strength of the impact of the explanatory processes within the spatial SAR model, which take the forms of average direct impact, average indirect impact and average induced impact. The use of this set of measures will be illustrated with the example of the analysis of the unemployment rate in Poland. It must be emphasized that the presented set of measures may also be designated for other spatial models. With the knowledge of the empirical form of the model and of the spatial weight matrix, the set of measures introduced simplifies significantly the complex procedure of the interpretation of the structural parameters for spatial models to the use of merely three values.


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Pietrzak, M. B. (2013). Interpretation of Structural Parameters for Models with Spatial Autoregression. Equilibrium. Quarterly Journal of Economics and Economic Policy, 8(2), 129–155.




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