An assessment of shunting work organization in ecological aspects


  • Paweł Daszkiewicz TABOR
  • Maciej Andrzejewski TABOR
  • Jerzy Merkisz Poznan University of Technology
  • Włodzimierz Stawecki TABOR
  • Yaroslav Bolzhelarskyi Dnipropetrovsk National University of Railway Transport Named Academician V. Lazarian, Lviv Branch



ecology, environment, assessment


Effective management of marshalling works requires their appropriate organization. This has its impact not only on economic considerations (including energy consumption), but also ecological (emission of pollutants in exhaust gases). In the article, operational analyzes were made to determine the impact of the use of various wagon management methods on the issue of toxic substances emission via the SM42 locomotive's exhaust system. The locomotive belongs to a group of specialized machines necessary for maneuvering work. It should be noted that vehicles of this type have a significantly different nature of work than locomotives used in personal and freight traffic. A large percentage share is engine work under idling conditions and at low load. The nature of the load is, among other things, the cause of a substantially high concentration of pollutants in the exhaust gases.


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Daszkiewicz, P., Andrzejewski, M., Merkisz, J., Stawecki, W., & Bolzhelarskyi, Y. (2018). An assessment of shunting work organization in ecological aspects. AUTOBUSY – Technika, Eksploatacja, Systemy Transportowe, 19(6), 1173–1176.




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