Defining the Market Potential by Assessing Growth and Saturation in the Private Life and Pensions Industry


  • Ilja Arefjevs BA School of Business and Finance
  • Tatjana Volkov BA School of Business and Finance
  • Marija Lindemane BA School of Business and Finance



market growth and saturation, life and pensions products, Törnquist function, strategic decision making


The aim of the article is define the market potential of the private life and pension industry in the Baltic region. The authors used the Törnquist function to develop the market growth and saturation approach. The research outcome is a cross-country comparison of market growth, saturation and its dynamics to support strategic decisions by financial companies.


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Arefjevs, I., Volkov, T., & Lindemane, M. (2013). Defining the Market Potential by Assessing Growth and Saturation in the Private Life and Pensions Industry. Oeconomia Copernicana, 4(4), 19–44.




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