Competition Policy during the Economic Crisis ? legal issues


  • Mateusz Błachucki Polish Academy of Science
  • Rafał Stankiewicz University of Warsaw



competition policy, economic crisis, crisis cartels, state aid, control of concentration of entrepreneurs


The paper addresses the issue of legal issues of competition policy during the economic crisis. During the economic crisis public authorities are forced to redefine the aims of public policies and harmonize them. The paper aims at identifying spheres, where competition policy is limited by other public policies. First, the problem of crisis cartels and their admissibility under competition law is discussed. It is followed by the presentation of the exemptions to the general prohibition of anticompetitive mergers. Last but not least, the temporary framework for state aid in the UE is presented. It has been argued that during the economic crisis public authorities use peculiar legal instruments of competition policy to address problems arising from the crisis. Whenever it is possible reference to the case law is made in order to present the application of presented problems in practice.


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Błachucki, M., & Stankiewicz, R. (2010). Competition Policy during the Economic Crisis ? legal issues. Equilibrium. Quarterly Journal of Economics and Economic Policy, 4(1), 79–89.



Policy under high volatility of economic environment

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